March 09, 2008

Like sands in the hourglass, so are the sands of the desert, except there are way way more of them and they're not inside a glass thingy

There's a new issue of On the Premises up, with a new installment of Six Things by me. Check it out, if you are the sort of person who likes to do what I say.

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January 05, 2008

Paradoxically, I couldn't draw this cartoon until I drew this cartoon

After a rather long hiatus indeed...six things.


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October 17, 2007

Where's a poisoned needle that makes you sleep for a thousand years when you need one?

I think a lot of people missed this cartoon when I originally linked to it at On the Premises, so here it is in traditional Six Things format.


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July 07, 2007

Wanted: wizard who knows how to synthesize melatonin

The latest issue of my friend Tarl's online magazine, On the Premises, is now up, with another installment of Six Things by me. Check it out.

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April 04, 2007

Six things, sort of

Someone linked to this old entry of mine, and being reminded of the (now relocated) make-your-own-sign site inspired me to make some more. Six, in fact.







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March 02, 2007

Just six of those things

My friend Tarl has been working on starting up a new online magazine for aspiring writers called On the Premises, in which he provides a open-ended premise for a story-writing contest which all the submissions must follow in some fashion. For the just-posted first issue, the premise was "One or more characters are traveling in some kind of vehicle towards a specific, planned destination. For some reason, they fail to arrive at their intended destination."

There are other features in each issue, including a mini-contest and, probably of the most interest to people who wish I would draw more cartoons, an installment of Six Things based on the contest premise (my first paid cartooning work, incidentally). Check it out here.

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December 01, 2006

I know it's not exactly timely, but I'm sure as hell not going to wait until next year to post it

Six things.


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November 18, 2006

This time it's personals

Six things.


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June 19, 2006

You can't get there from here...oh, wait, yes you can

Six things.


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May 29, 2006

Just for one day

Six things.


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May 19, 2006

Six punch lines about 88 keys

Six things.


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May 08, 2006

"What's the strangest place you've ever uploaded a cartoon?" "Well, Bob, I'd have to say..."

Six things.


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May 02, 2006

Please do not show my grandmother this cartoon either

Six things.


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April 14, 2006

Hey, I think I saw some atheists in the next car

Six things. (Thanks to Lorinne for thing #5.)


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April 03, 2006

Many things

Six Things will return to its traditional cartoon format next week. Until then --

Slides from a caveman PowerPoint presentation about "fire".

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6

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March 29, 2006

I'm sorry, I tried to think of something better, but the cartoon was already late, and...

Six things.


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March 20, 2006

And now the final confirmation that yes, last week's commenters were in fact picking up on my ever-so-subtle foreshadowing

Six things. (Just got here? See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)


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March 13, 2006

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about this

This week's Six Things is part of a series. (Here's where to read part one and part two if you're not caught up with the very complicated plot.) And I know it was a total lie the last time I said it, but this storyline will continue (and conclude) next week. Really.


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March 05, 2006

If You're Feeling Six Things-ish

As a preface to this week's cartoon, I feel obliged to point out that the new Belle & Sebastian CD, The Life Pursuit is clearly going to be the album to beat for my best-of-2006 list. Cannot. Stop. Listening. That said:


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February 28, 2006

C is for cartoon; that's good enough for me

Six things.


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February 20, 2006

The dog ate my valentine

Six things.


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February 12, 2006

Flight schedule

Six things.


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February 06, 2006

A cartoon drawn in a jif

Six things.


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January 29, 2006

If the cartoon's not funny, it didn't cost you any money

Six things.


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January 23, 2006

Girls, uninterrupted

Six things.


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January 16, 2006


Six things.


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January 09, 2006

Also, 50 years from now, if your grandchildren are bothering you, you'll be able to make them go away if you start saying, "Yes, I remember the winter of ought-five..."

Six things.


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January 01, 2006

You better have doubt, you better not cry

Well, it's 2006, and my goal for the new year is to run a Six Things every week. So here's the first one, only about a week too late to have been topical.


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October 24, 2005

Also, maybe she knows some book reviewers that could help with my sales numbers?

Six things.


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October 07, 2005

I was looking for a job and then I found a job

Six things.


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September 23, 2005

Something for everyone

Six things.


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September 15, 2005

Get down tonight

Six things.


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September 09, 2005

Tees, off

Six things.


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September 08, 2005

Give the people what they want.

Six things. Or half a thing, depending on how you look at it.


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August 04, 2005

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion

Six things.


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August 02, 2005

To be continued

Six things.


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July 28, 2005

Shouts and murmurs

Six things.


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July 26, 2005

The cartoon formerly updated daily

Six things.


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July 22, 2005

You'll pardon me while I whistle past the graveyard

Six things (special commemorative there-was-a-sign-on-the-subway-this-morning-about-how-all-backpacks-and-large-packages-are-now-subject-to-search edition).


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July 19, 2005

Honestly, their production of a Midsummer Night's Dream was pretty scattered as well

Six things.


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July 15, 2005

Fastest pen on the west side of the Conde Nast building

Six things.


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July 14, 2005

Just a good ol' blog, never meanin' no harm

Six things.


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July 13, 2005

Keep it under your hat

Six things.


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July 12, 2005

The horror

Six things.


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July 08, 2005

Six Degrees

Check it the hell out! It's another Six Things guest strip, this time by Zole, of Death to the Extremist.


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July 07, 2005

But I'll tell you what, it is hard to write the title of a movie on the side of a DVD

Another guest Six Things from Joe Perna!


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July 06, 2005

I'm not blogging, I'm not blogging, but the cartoon still remains

In addition to Rose doing some guest blogging this week while I am in L.A., we also have guest cartoons (thanks to Joe Perna of Duck and Monkey)! Sweet.


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July 01, 2005

That Darn Thetan

Six things.


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June 29, 2005

All you wanna do is ride around sadly: Ride, sadly ride

Six things.


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June 28, 2005

Science marches on

Six things.


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June 24, 2005

Fables of the Deconstruction

Six things.


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June 23, 2005

They're going to raise their children as privateers

Six things.


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June 22, 2005

Let us blog then, you and I

Six things.


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June 21, 2005

Me and you and a thing that goes boo

Six things.


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June 20, 2005

The rain falls from up above for several reasons, including the principles of evaporation and gravity

Six things.


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June 17, 2005

The ticket said this cartoon would be up at 7:00, and here it is going up at 8:30 -- typical

Six things.


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June 16, 2005

Crisis on finite elves!

Six things.


This resolves an inconsistency introduced in this strip and this strip, namely that the acorn and the rabbit appear to be about the same size. Fortunately, Fizzywinkle lives in an alternate universe or something. Also, cheese can talk there.

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June 15, 2005

Win, Lose, and Draw

Six things.


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June 14, 2005

"Monster" is a very negative word; why don't you call yourself something else?

Six things.


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June 13, 2005

Old man, take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you, except you have weirder hobbies

Six things.


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June 10, 2005

And somehow I managed to get through it without including a joke about hats made of fruit

Six things.


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June 09, 2005

I was so embarrassed at the pizzeria when I used the wrong fork to put garlic salt on my cheese slice

Six things.


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June 08, 2005

Hang in there, baby

Six things.


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June 07, 2005

In the zone

Six things.


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June 06, 2005

Classy humor

Six things.


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June 03, 2005

I guess they're more like PSAs

Six things.


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June 02, 2005

Well, I never

Six things.


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June 01, 2005

As recorded by the Lomax 3000 unit

Six things.


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May 31, 2005

Aaaaand we're back

Six things.


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May 27, 2005

It's true, there are a lot of bunnies this week

Six things.


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May 24, 2005

And yes, I know I need a new pen

Six things.


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May 20, 2005

As my strip continues its slow transformation into "Feiffer"

Six things.


(Also: Six Things will be going on semi-hiatus next week. Cargo's schedule is pretty light at the moment, so the services of we freelancers will not be required until a week from Monday...and the office is where the scanner is. However, I have drawn a couple extra cartoons and pre-scanned them, so the week will not be entirely cartoon-free.)

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May 19, 2005

Heavy, man

Six things.


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May 18, 2005

Once again the title of my comic proves kind of inappropriate. Ah, well, fuck it

Six things.


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May 17, 2005

Read, read twine (verb must be taken to be in the past tense, or the [lame] pun won't work)

Six things.


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May 16, 2005

Listen, man, don't try to steal the golden an. Security is tight.

Six things.


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May 13, 2005

But if a strange man offers to take you to "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", just keep walking

Six things.


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May 12, 2005

A brief foray into narrative (such as it is)

Six things.


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May 11, 2005

No squid were harmed during the inking of this comic

Six things.


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May 10, 2005

And now six things from our sponsors


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May 09, 2005

Better abs in six panels

Six things.


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May 07, 2005

I am not shocked -- not shocked -- to find that gambling is going on in here

Six things.


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May 05, 2005

Don't forget, Agoraphobic Mother's Day is coming up

Six things.


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May 04, 2005

Wish list

Six things.


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May 02, 2005

Special color edition

Six things.


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April 29, 2005

To serve man

Six things.


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April 28, 2005

The primate directive

Six things.


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April 27, 2005

Guilty as charged

Six things.


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April 26, 2005

This cartoon is not meant to be used as a flotation device

Six things.


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April 25, 2005

Toot-toot-tootsie, goodbye

Six things.


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April 22, 2005

An e-mail-y post from Emily Post

Six things.


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April 21, 2005

Yes, I know it's supposed to be "Paree", but I had more jokes about New York than I did about Paris

Six things.


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April 20, 2005

Happy anniversary to me

Today marks the 50th installment of Six Things. Yes, this blog has been host to 300 things thus far, all in increments of six. Let's hear it for randomly self-imposed responsibilities!


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April 19, 2005

And so on

Six things.


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April 18, 2005

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be itemized

Six things.


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April 15, 2005

Whip it good

Six things (special extra-hastily drawn tax day edition).


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April 14, 2005

Kind to be cruel

Six things.


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April 13, 2005

Are you ready to Ragnarok?

Six things.


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April 12, 2005

My money's on Andrew, honestly

Six things.


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April 11, 2005

On the Dolby

Six things.


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April 08, 2005

Talking heads

Six things.


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April 07, 2005

Foul deeds

Six things.


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April 06, 2005

My bad influences

Six things.


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April 05, 2005

Let's see how far I can take this thing

Since my last birthday list worked out so well...


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April 04, 2005


Six things.


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March 31, 2005

Promises, promises

Six things.


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March 30, 2005

Maybe if you spent less time drawing cartoons, you'd be more successful too

Six things.


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March 29, 2005

When you notice the stripes

Six things.


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March 28, 2005

Yes, foolin'

Six things.


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March 25, 2005

The naming of things

Six things.


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March 24, 2005

The great indoors

Six things.


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March 23, 2005

To health with it

Six things.


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March 22, 2005

While we're on the subject of gifts...

Six things.


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March 21, 2005

Get fuzzy

Six things.


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March 18, 2005

On this date in history

Six things. (Special graphically dense, too-wide-to-fit-on-your-screen edition.)


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March 17, 2005

Look who's Tolkien!

Six things.


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March 16, 2005

The famous flames

Six things.


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March 15, 2005

I once was blindfolded, but now I see

Six things.


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March 14, 2005

Please do not show my grandmother this cartoon

Six things.


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March 11, 2005

Punch the clock

Six things.


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March 10, 2005

And for my next number...

Six things.


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March 09, 2005

Tunnel visions

Six things.


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March 08, 2005

March comes in like a craaaaaazy motherfucker

Six things.


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March 07, 2005

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Six things.


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March 04, 2005

What's the buzz?

Six things.


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March 03, 2005

I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque

Six things.


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March 02, 2005

Don't blog so close to me

Six things.


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March 01, 2005

Why, yes, I did just finish reading "Geek Love"...why do you ask?

Six things.


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February 28, 2005

The next installment of the cereal

Six things.


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February 25, 2005

We like the cartoons, the cartoons that go boom

Six things.


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February 24, 2005

I suppose you're wondering why I've drawn you all here today

Six things.


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February 23, 2005

You learn something new every day

Six things.


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February 22, 2005

Green days

Six things.


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February 19, 2005

Here comes the reign again

Six things.


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February 16, 2005

Only four blogging days left

Six things.


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February 15, 2005

I've got issues

Six things.


Archive of more of these cartoon dealies here.

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February 14, 2005

They're an investment, dammit

Six things.


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February 11, 2005

Condensed to a singularity

And still with the six things.


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February 10, 2005

The future is now

Six things.


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February 09, 2005

Ghosts in the machine

Six things.


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February 08, 2005

Through a scanner, not so darkly

Turns out I drew another cartoon. Maybe this will turn into a series. I'll call it "Six Things".


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February 03, 2005

Holy crap, Batman

A cartoon. For you.


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