January 29, 2006

If the cartoon's not funny, it didn't cost you any money

Six things.


Posted by Francis at 10:16 PM in Six Things

Really, what do they do for #4? This Midwestern liberal atheist has never been in a courtroom and wants to know.

Posted by: Orange at January 30, 2006 01:25 AM

Witness are given the choice of "swearing" or "affirming." It is wise to let the Court know in advance that you prefer to affirm sans bible so that the jurors don't have to watch you refuse to touch their holy book.

Posted by: Charles at January 30, 2006 02:38 AM

I'll have to send this to my husband. My husband the attorney. And see which one he uses most.

I spit decaf coffee all over my keyboard when I read panel 6. "...really comfortable"...STOP IT!! You're making my belly jiggle!!

Posted by: Mona Buonanotte at January 30, 2006 10:20 AM

If it turns up marked "Return to Sender," he'd best plead Nolo Contendere.

Posted by: Rich at January 30, 2006 12:18 PM

If his lawyer's licked, you must convict.

If you are unkempt, you're in contempt.

If his nose shows growth, he broke his oath.

Posted by: Eileen at January 31, 2006 09:53 PM

If your alibi's vague, come down with the plague.

Posted by: Lorinne at February 1, 2006 04:57 PM