May 13, 2005

But if a strange man offers to take you to "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", just keep walking

Six things.


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Don't get me started on the Virgin Mary stain. I drove through the underpass with Chicago's miracle rust last Saturday. There was a big group of people, a bunch of bouquets lined up against the wall, someone speaking, and TV cameras. I assumed someone had been hit by a car and it was a memorial of some sort. It wasn't until I got closer and could see the tacked up poster of Mary that the stain purported to look like that I figured out what it was.

So five hundred years ago God inspired painters like Raphael to produce magnificent images of the Madonna and now he's stuck with relying on the fact that the government's too cheap to replace or repair rusty old El tracks and a crumbling cement edifice? Okay. I'll try to keep that in mind before I pray for anything too complicated.

Posted by: Scott at May 13, 2005 07:22 PM

That sound you heard coming from Greenpoint was the agony of the flashback to 1997 when I first reached W 4th and W 10th.

I've not yet recovered.

Posted by: bpd at May 13, 2005 09:17 PM

People still do that acoustical thing in front of the Oyster Bar?

Posted by: Toonhead! at May 13, 2005 09:34 PM

I just realized how New Englander I am. I really didnt get that.

Posted by: Mary at May 14, 2005 12:21 PM

I bought a t-shirt and all I got was this t-shirt.


Posted by: WilliamW at August 12, 2005 10:53 AM
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