April 05, 2005

Let's see how far I can take this thing

Since my last birthday list worked out so well...


Posted by Francis at 08:03 PM in Six Things

I don't mind the room full of topless women. That would be my bd wish this yr.

Posted by: IZ Reloaded at April 6, 2005 05:07 AM

Will the topless women be in the room while I'm doing the taxes?

Let's see, you file joint with Rose, she owns a yarn shop, probably a schedule C, though you really should set up an LLC for liability purposes, what with those big pointy needles and all.

You work downtown to support your humor habit. The blog supports the writing efforts and is probably deductible, though by running it through yarnivore, it's probably being deducted by Rose on her Schedule C already. By blogging about the party, that could be deductible as well.

Wait a minute. I'm on the internet. I'm potentially two mouseclicks away from topless women anyway. Forget I said anything.

Posted by: Mark at April 6, 2005 12:49 PM