April 10, 2007

I believe this also points out a continuity error in "Bull Durham"; when Annie says "baby ducks are cute", she should have said "widdle scrunched-up baby bunnies are cute"

Debby sent me a link to the cutest dim sum in the world: bunny buns! And then, the next day, I was browsing Cute Overload and discovered the real-world equivalent (second photo).

Speaking of bunnies and food, reader Kristi sends this photo of some cupcakes with decorations partly inspired by Bunny Day. (Recipe here. Kudos to Kristi for bucking the system and substituting homemade bunnies for the suggested store-bought ones.)

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May 26, 2006

Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Stencil)

I do have a draft of the latest Six Things, but I may have gotten a week's worth of cartooning out of my system last night, when I attended...a T-shirt-making party! I was tempted to make a stencil of one of these, but I decided to draw some cartoons instead. Finally, my aversion to connecting the lines in my drawings pays off! Here's Martin Gale, Private Eye:


I'm pretty happy with that one, but behold...the bunny:


Here it is in close-up.


Now, every day can be Bunny Day.

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September 21, 2005

It looks like that Band Aid song "Do They Know It's Bunny Day" has finally paid off

Once again, art imitates...um, giant pink bunnies.

I have two comments on this:


2) Rain?

(Thanks to Debby for the link.)

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February 10, 2005

Watch your backs

Rose points out a potential Bunny Day problem.

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February 07, 2005

No Icelandic people were harmed in the making of this holiday

We've been celebrating Bunny Day for a while here at Heaneyland, but festivities have slackened off a bit lately. So thank heavens there is a new, surprisingly not-made-up holiday to celebrate today: Bun Day!

On Bun Day, Icelandic children beat their parents with "bun wands", an act for which they receive cream puffs. God, Iceland is awesome. I just want to pick it up and hug it.

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February 03, 2005

Odder couples

From Debby come these two amusements:

He's a sword-wielding moralistic photographer haunted by an iconic dead American confidante. She's a strong-willed gold-digging nun with the soul of a mighty warrior. They fight crime!


He's an unemployed nervous mathematician who is 64% Bitch. She's a level-headed Muslim physicist with an adorable six-month-old son. They have blogs!

And, of course, for those of you who have been following along, there's my take on the whole thing:

He's a bunny. She's a bunny. They're bunnies!

This is also a bunny, from Jeffrey:

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February 02, 2005

Eight Bunny Days a Week

Oh, you thought we were done with the bunny but we are not done with the bunny.

Marc, inspired by Lance, also pulled the Holy Tango of Art History down from the shelf, remarking: "I think 'I Choose Shy Mr. Bun' is beyond my skills as a copyist, but this is a reasonable facsimile of 'Be Just, Mr. Hare' by James Thurber."

(The anagrammatically appropriate artist for "I Choose Shy Mr. Bun" will be revealed in the comments at some point.)

And David writes, "Since my employers are obviously paying me to fiddle around with MS Paint, I decided to join your Cavalcade of Bunnies. I seem to have been channeling the spirit of Jules Feiffer this morning. I hope he wasn't trying to use it at the time."

That bunny does look a little neurotic in that Feiffer way, but he's probably just thinking about how he can't wait for his dance to welcome spring. I know I can't.

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January 30, 2005

Bunnies all night long!

Even when I'm out partying, the bunny can't stop (won't stop) can't stop (won't stop) uh-huh uh-huh. Let's get down on it.

From Jason comes this neon rectangle of joy:

He describes it as reminiscent of both "1980s school yearbook photos" and his "inability to draw".

The next one is from Scott, who says, "Clearly my concept of a bunny is most similar to Emily's, although mine is lacking in a feature I find is rarely optional in bunnies, front legs."

Laura found me via Making Light (who linked to my Pericles adaptation) and, like all right-thinking people, felt she had to get in on the bunny-drawing action. "I hope it isn't too belated," she wrote. It is never too late for bunnies.

Vardibidian wanted to participate, but felt it was beyond his skills to draw a bunny. Still: from each according to his abilities, right? He says, "I have just about enough creativity to Google (image) the word 'bunny', take the first result, and mess around with the colors." Hmm...does that count?


And one more, alert despite the late hour, from Maelstrom:

That makes 15 bunnies, and the world population is...just under 6.5 billion people. I think we have a few more bunnies to go! Good effort so far, though!

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January 29, 2005

Bunnies are noted for their ability to multiply

Two more, both from Lance, who writes:

[After drawing the first bunny], I realized what inspiration I was missing, so I've also attached [a second drawing], which I copied out of my Holy Tango of Art History; someone with more artistic talent than me could probably do a better job of it. It is, of course, "The Bunny Has Honor, Liege" by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Truly a fine work which could stand next to Christo's "Ostrich" any day.



Bunny Day is turning out be sort of a movable feast. Anyway, where are yours? You may think you're hot, but you ain't shit until you draw some bunnies.

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January 28, 2005

Can't stop the bunny

Two more readers get in the holiday spirit.

From Neilfred:

From Kath:

All you people rock the house.

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The bunny train rolls on

Two more bunnies have arrived (not including this one you may have missed, from the comments).

From Colleen:

From Debby:

Come on, people, get your meme on. More, more bunnies to f [underscore] heaney [at] yahoo [dot] com. Or e-mail me for my snail mail address, send me drawings, and I will scan them in. If you're going to do something pointless, there's no reason to do it halfway.

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January 27, 2005

And the bunnies keep coming

From Marc this time:


Don't be the last person on your block to celebrate Bunny Day. (I realize that is a rather open-ended exhortation.)

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Bring on the bunnies

Rose has gotten into the Bunny Day spirit:


Who will be next?

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Today is "Reminisce About Whatever Holiday It Was Yesterday" Day

As you may recall, yesterday was Bunny Day (a secular holiday, as yet uncoopted by the greeting card industry). These, then, were the bunnies.



If any readers wish to draw belated bunnies and send them to me, they will be happily accepted and eventually posted.

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January 26, 2005

Every day will be a holiday

According to the Captivate Network, today is National Compliment Day, traditionally celebrated by complimenting five of one's coworkers. I still have one to go, but so far I've told two people that they have great asses, one fellow that all the ladies want to get with him, and another fellow that his chinstache is surprisingly flattering. As for me, I have received several compliments on my sultry, Barry White-like voice, which is in a disorientingly low register today thanks to some throat virus or other.

Anyway, the reason I find "Compliment Day" so risible is because it reminds me of elementary school -- the way that some days would be randomly themed. In that vein, Emily and I tried to propose a competing holiday of "Bunny Day", to be celebrated by drawing bunnies for one's coworkers, but we didn't get further than drawing bunnies on Post-It notes for each other. Not that this wasn't worth it.

Speaking of elementary-school holidays, Valentine's Day is coming up. Why not surprise your sweetie with some rats?

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