January 26, 2005

Every day will be a holiday

According to the Captivate Network, today is National Compliment Day, traditionally celebrated by complimenting five of one's coworkers. I still have one to go, but so far I've told two people that they have great asses, one fellow that all the ladies want to get with him, and another fellow that his chinstache is surprisingly flattering. As for me, I have received several compliments on my sultry, Barry White-like voice, which is in a disorientingly low register today thanks to some throat virus or other.

Anyway, the reason I find "Compliment Day" so risible is because it reminds me of elementary school -- the way that some days would be randomly themed. In that vein, Emily and I tried to propose a competing holiday of "Bunny Day", to be celebrated by drawing bunnies for one's coworkers, but we didn't get further than drawing bunnies on Post-It notes for each other. Not that this wasn't worth it.

Speaking of elementary-school holidays, Valentine's Day is coming up. Why not surprise your sweetie with some rats?

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1. My wife and I, early in our relationship, tried to convince our relatives to give us gifts for an atheistic December holiday we'd made up called "Rabbit Day" (rabbits being our favorite animals) rather than for Christmas or Chanukah. There was some half-hearted cooperation, but even we had to admit that the whole thing, though appealing in principle, felt kind of artificial. 2. More interesting, perhaps, is the fact that "Bunny Day" sounds phonetically like the French for "good idea", i.e. bonne idée. A friend of mine pointed this out to me in seventh grade or thereabouts! (His observation went in the reverse direction, actually, when we learned the French idiom in class.)

Posted by: Jonathan Caws-Elwitt at March 19, 2005 10:23 AM

I *knew* Bunny Day was a good idea!

Posted by: Francis at March 19, 2005 10:31 AM
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