January 30, 2005

Bunnies all night long!

Even when I'm out partying, the bunny can't stop (won't stop) can't stop (won't stop) uh-huh uh-huh. Let's get down on it.

From Jason comes this neon rectangle of joy:

He describes it as reminiscent of both "1980s school yearbook photos" and his "inability to draw".

The next one is from Scott, who says, "Clearly my concept of a bunny is most similar to Emily's, although mine is lacking in a feature I find is rarely optional in bunnies, front legs."

Laura found me via Making Light (who linked to my Pericles adaptation) and, like all right-thinking people, felt she had to get in on the bunny-drawing action. "I hope it isn't too belated," she wrote. It is never too late for bunnies.

Vardibidian wanted to participate, but felt it was beyond his skills to draw a bunny. Still: from each according to his abilities, right? He says, "I have just about enough creativity to Google (image) the word 'bunny', take the first result, and mess around with the colors." Hmm...does that count?


And one more, alert despite the late hour, from Maelstrom:

That makes 15 bunnies, and the world population is...just under 6.5 billion people. I think we have a few more bunnies to go! Good effort so far, though!

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