September 14, 2004

First Bjork and now this -- god, I love Iceland

At the Cargo office today, one of the editors asked Emily and me if we had seen the cufflink article -- or so it sounded to us, since one of the pages Emily recently proofread was a photo spread of cufflinks. But then he clarified: no, not the cufflink article, the puffling article.

Well, that just raised more questions.

Pufflings, it turns out, are baby puffins. And apparently there is a tradition in Iceland of rescuing those baby puffins when they get confused by the city lights and bonk their tiny heads into buildings.

I assume you want to read more, because, come on, baby puffins. The Wall Street Journal, which printed the article, is a subscription site, but fortunately Google has a cached version.

Posted by Francis at 11:24 PM

It's Iceland day in the blogosphere! James Lileks also discusses Icelandic culture, expressing horror at their children's show "Lazy Town," a sample of which can be seen here:

Lilek's bleat on this is here:

Posted by: Eric Berlin at September 15, 2004 07:45 PM