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September 05, 2006

My eyes have gone to coal, it's nothing I would be concerned about

Going batshit crazy today. Acupuncture was really good, but I'm a day overdue on some work I put off all weekend, and it's taking up more brain than I thought it would, which is terribly irritating, and I'm feeling anxious and anxious-er.

I should be happy for the distraction, but it's not a distraction, it's just muddling around along with all t'other, and so my head is filled with crap crap crap.

Part of me wants to skip the yoga class tonight because I'm too busy, but I had a beloved professor who used to say that if you think you don't have time to meditiate, that's when you should meditate. I think the same is probably true for yoga.

Why does everything have to be so fucking hard? When does life ever get any easier? I'm just not strong enough to handle the shit it sends me, I'm really not.

Of course, I always go mucking around in the shit and borrowing trouble, so maybe that's my problem.


[edited to add]

I have gone and cheered myself up just the teensiest bit by reading Mimi Smartypants, who always makes me laugh. And of course I get my daily dose of Cute Overload. Who else has the goods? If you think I'm unlikely to have seen it, and you think it'll make me smile, laugh, or even for a moment forget the dismal morass of my emotions, well, send it on over.

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