July 21, 2006

The cat and the gloves

Everybody needs a hobby.

(Thanks to Tori for the link!)

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July 17, 2006

If you have to ask...

Another example of the "names are destiny" phenomenon.

(Thanks to Thane for the link.)

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July 13, 2006

That's how they getcha

Last night was the first time in I can't remember how long that I was actually taken in by the subject line of a spam, which was: "Your spoof". Naturally, I thought, "My spoof? I love it when people write to me about my spoof!" But no. D'oh!

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July 11, 2006

Is Yahoo *trying* to drive me into the arms of Google Mail???

Every time I have checked my mail on Yahoo today, I've been greeted by this ad. As someone who generally checks his mail, oh, every five minutes or so, I find this...very far from acceptable.

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I'm just a soul whose intentions are good; oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

It's been brought to my attention that some people feel that saying that a non-polyamorous person is "not ready for polyamory" is offensive, because it implies that polyamorists are somehow morally superior to or more highly evolved than monogamists, and I apologize if I gave anyone the impression that I believe that, because I most emphatically don't. I feel strongly that polyamory has no inherent moral superiority to monogamy, just as I feel monogamy has no inherent moral superiority to polyamory. When I said that, based on a reading of her lyrics, I didn't think Amy Rigby was "ready for polyamory", I was merely attempting to jocularly state the simple fact that, were it not for the impediment that I am married and Amy Rigby is not polyamorous, Ms. Rigby would obviously, in a heartbeat, choose me out of her legions of male admirers to sleep with. I think this is an utterly non-controversial statement, and I'm sorry if my poor choice of words occasioned any distress.

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Number of games on this list I have ever played: one

From Debby, a list of the 50 worst video game titles. (Honestly, I kind of want to try #11.) As for the best video game title, it's no contest as far as I'm concerned: it's Deadly Rooms of Death all the way!

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July 10, 2006

My weakness!

Who is this woman and why does she get to play with red pandas???

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July 07, 2006

Ms. Amy Rigby, playing a show in the rain on a pier in New York

Last Friday I had a quandary...there were two concerts on the same night, both of which I wanted to attend. However, one of them was free (Amy Rigby), and one of them was not (The Futureheads). Also, I had seen the Futureheads before (although it was a very brief set, admittedly), but not Amy, so this turned out to be not too difficult a choice, especially bearing in mind Amy Rigby's status as my current #1 rock star crush (having narrowly edged out Kate Bush -- too flaky -- and having left Liz Phair in the dust after Liz's terrible "Somebody's Miracle").

Of course, as a crush object, Amy Rigby totally plays the empathy card, since most of her songs involve heartbreak and men having done her wrong and whatnot, which always leaves me feeling, at the end of each new CD, all like, "Those men are jerks, Amy Rigby! I'll treat you right!" Sadly, I don't think Amy is ready for polyamory, given her song "The Trouble With Jeanie", where she expresses discomfort with the fact that her new husband's ex-wife is too nice and too much a part of her life (How can I pick up where she never left off? / We're like a club of two who've seen him with his clothes off / And there's nowhere to hide because it's all out in the light / Can I help if I'm a little bit uptight?). Oh well! Good song, at least.

Anyway, opening the show was Robbie Fulks, who was overall a little too mainstream country-sounding for my tastes (the slow, earnest numbers were utter snoozers), but who still managed to win me over with his rowdier songs, his obvious dislike of fundamentalist Christian nutjobs, and a killer cover of the aforementioned Liz Phair's "Help Me Mary" (you remember, from back when she rocked).

Rain broke out soon after Amy's set began, which caused the less committed audience members to flee, but meant better location for us! Not much to say about her set except that it kicked ass. "I Don't Wanna Talk About Love No More" came off especially well, and she played a very funny song I'd never heard before -- it was the unreleased track on her best-of CD -- "Keep It to Yourself" (You say you'd like to kill the man who broke my heart / You don't think he should be allowed to live / You say you want to shoot the dude who screwed me up / Me, I'm trying so hard to forgive // But here's his address, here's his picture, here's the make and model of his car...).

We had brought our friend Mike to the show (and a good thing we did, since he was the only one who brought an umbrella), and Robbie Fulks was not his speed at all, but he liked Amy and decided to buy a CD after the show. Amy was selling the CDs personally, and I hadn't been clever enough to bring any with me for her to sign, so I bought the best-of CD even though I had most of the songs on it, because I figured, well, that one new song is great, and I would have paid $15 to see this show, so what the heck. And it also gave us an excuse to meet Amy, who was very friendly despite seeming a bit worn out from the autograph-signing by the time we got to the merch table.

And on the subject of merch, her first three albums are all out of print, but they're all super cheap to buy used on Amazon...although the latest one is still my favorite.

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