June 09, 2005

Busy, busy

Hasn't been much time for blogging, what with overdue proofreading, writing the Radar ticker, drawing cartoons, and, oh, copyediting for Cargo once in a while. However, I have not been totally starved for recreation; on Monday night, Rose and I went to the free acoustic Futureheads show at Pianos, which was swell. Only 30 minutes, but for the Futureheads, that's still a lot of songs! Stereogum has some photos, including a shot that includes enough of the set list to jog my memory:

Decent Days and Nights
Danger of the Water
A Picture of Dorian Gray
First Day
Carnival Kids
Hounds of Love
Piece of Crap (encore)

They are too fab. Do you not have their CD? Then you are lame.

Posted by Francis at 12:15 PM