January 31, 2006

I think maybe that coffee I had might not have been decaffeinated

...because I tried to go to sleep, like, two hours ago and it just didn't take. So here are some links and things.

A friend of mine (not sure if he wants to remain anonymous or not) has started a new blog with a very narrow, but funny, focus. And, hey, Poor Man, I'm right there with you on January 24th. (Although I did like Quarterflash. I even went to see them in concert at the Arizona State Fair.)

Of course I feel bad for the people getting injured by the bull here (look for the "rampaging bull" link in the right-hand column), but I also hope that a few of them thought to themselves afterward, "Huh, maybe bloodsports aren't such a good idea after all." (Read on if you prefer to look at animals that neither weigh 1,000 pounds nor have the ability to stomp people into smithereens.)

I had completely forgotten about Cute Overload until Rose reminded me today. How much cute? This much.

A while ago, I entered a poetry contest; the poetry form used in the contest was called "hay(na)ku". It's kind of like a haiku, but instead of being syllabic, it's organized by word count. Three lines: first line, one word; second line, two words; third line, three words. Oddly, most of the winning entries (you'll have to scroll down; the permalink doesn't seem to work) consist of multiple stanzas -- the thing that I like about short poetry forms is, well, you know, the fact that they're compact! (Although I do like the running-through-the-alphabet wordplay in the first one.) Anyway, this was mine. Not the deepest poem by a long shot, but I like it.

car alarm
that will do

I did get a prize for participating, though -- they sent me a copy of the Hay(na)ku Anthology.

I know, I know, I post about Holy Tango way too much, but I'm superjazzed to see in my referral log that I got a link from songwriter Lida Husik (on her "Love" page). She's up there with Amy Rigby on the list of singers who should be more famous than they are. Her "Fly Stereophonic" CD is particularly excellent, and a used copy will only set you back $3-ish plus shipping over at Amazon if you're feeling like trying something on spec. Lida, if you ever want to cowrite a song, let me know!

Posted by Francis at 03:06 AM

Thanks for the mention. No need to be anonymous.
My name is Tom Bartos, and I am a poor man. I also get bored easily. I read Heaneyland every day. Sometimes I run into Francis on the subway.

Starting a blog is the poor man's version of learning how to build a website, which I need to learn how to do.

Posted by: Tom at January 31, 2006 11:44 AM
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