June 22, 2005

Musical mystery

Back when I was making this mix, I spent a fair amount of time searching Soulseek for songs with words like "yarn" or "sweater" or "knit" in the title, to see if anyone had anything obscure that I hadn't heard of. Well, among other things, I found two tracks by a band called Ninja Death Squad: "My Pink Sweater Is Gay" and "Fuck You For Calling My Pink Sweater Gay". Obviously I needed these songs, but they came back with a "Remote: File Not Found" error, and then when I went searching for them on the various and sundry internets -- nothin'! Does anyone out there have any light to shed on this?

Posted by Francis at 12:52 AM | TrackBack

Yo la tengo - Autumn Sweater

Posted by: steff at June 22, 2005 06:41 AM

If I am not mistaken TK (aka Arcs from Acronym) has both of these songs or I've at least heard him talking about them. He might be a place to start.

Posted by: WesleyJenn at June 22, 2005 07:34 AM

1. That is awesome.
2. Hawksley Workman, Learn How To Knit

Posted by: Cyn at June 22, 2005 04:16 PM

"Autumn Sweater" appeared on a previous yarn store mix, and the Hawksley Workman song was the final track on the yarn-themed mix. I doubt I'm going to make another all-yarn mix, I just want to figure out what the deal is with the Ninja Death Squad songs, because I am always amazed to find anything which isn't at least mentioned on the Internet somewhere, and those songs just don't exist as far as the web is concerned.

Posted by: Francis at June 22, 2005 04:21 PM

so their website (www.ninjadeathsquad.net) is down but i have that album. the tracks all have funny names, but combat wounded veteran still wins for the best track names of all time.

Posted by: iamjackshandle at July 11, 2005 05:00 AM