June 22, 2005

Things on the loose

Over at this blog which recently linked to me (and which I find inscrutable, but I'm hardly one to pass judgment on other people's in-jokes) someone has posted a volunteer Six Things guest strip. Nicely done.

Posted by Francis at 10:41 AM

Dude, they're riffin' on your gig. Sue 'em.

Actually, why not do a guest week while you're away?

Posted by: Toonhead! at June 22, 2005 01:39 PM

1. Your "Six Things" is much funnier than those cats.
2. I have a request/challenge (if you ever run out of topics). The car alarm medley has 6 "tunes". If humans could understand the language of car alarms, what would those alarm sounds be saying? Double points for including a reference to, but not mentioning directly, the Billy Ocean song, "Get Outta My Dreams (Get into my Car)".
3. Your cartoons make the dreary world of my day job much easier to tolerate, What am I going to do when I'm rich and famous and not working 9-5 anymore?


Posted by: Tom at June 22, 2005 04:28 PM