July 16, 2004

Follies of 1939

Here's a game from "The Cokesbury Game Book: 600 Games for Fun and Fellowship", published in 1939. I appreciate the description of this game for its unblinking honesty.


Players are seated in a circle. The leader opens the game by turning to the one on his left and saying, "Did you know Uncle Ben?" The person addressed replies, "Which one of your uncles was that?" The leader replies, "The one that went like this." The leader then starts pounding on his right knee. The next player on the leader's left then turns to his left and says, "Did you know Uncle Ben?" The same dialogue takes place until all are imitating the same action. When the question has gone around the circle and has come back to the leader, he adds an action, as for example, striking the left knee with the fist. Each time the game goes around the circle an action is added, such as patting the right foot, the left foot, nodding the head, etc. Do not play this game too long as it soon ceases to be amusing.

Posted by Francis at 03:16 AM

I've played something just like this called "Viking." But we were all incredibly drunk at the time, which I assure you, made this much more entertaining.

Posted by: debby at July 16, 2004 01:02 PM