July 15, 2004

The more gay marriages, the more hot girl-on-girl action. How is this not a win-win situation?

Nice to see that the stupid anti-gay-marriage amendment didn't get anywhere near passing in the Senate. But we still get statements like this from our propagandist-in-chief:

"What they do in the privacy of their house, consenting adults should be able to do," Mr. Bush said during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Friday, seeking to distinguish between private behavior and giving legal sanction to same-sex marriages. "This is America. It's a free society. But it doesn't mean we have to redefine traditional marriage."

Well, okay. If you want to define traditional marriage as "a marriage between one man and one woman", fine. Go wild. But "legal" and "traditional" ain't the same thing. Here's another quote from the same article:

It's a net loss for Republicans politically," said one prominent Republican in Washington who works closely with the White House. "It does nothing for our base, because they're grumpy about not having it, and it energized a significant portion of their base. I guarantee you that the gay community will give twice as much money and work harder for Kerry now, not so much because they care about marriage per se, but because this effort plays to their fears that we're homophobic."

Yeah, I just don't know why the gay community would think that. He went on to explain, "We're not afraid of homosexuals. We're grossed out by them. That's totally different."

Posted by Francis at 05:48 AM