July 16, 2004

I just called...to say...I'm encased in concrete

Jason Shiga (a cartoonist my friend Martha introduced me to, when she gave me a copy of his swell -- but brain-melting -- interactive comic book, "Meanwhile") created a weekly comic strip for "Asian Week" called "Fleep", which was set in a phone booth. A phone booth encased in concrete.

This was not a joke strip. It had an ongoing storyline...that took place in a phone booth encased in concrete. Every week.

"Asian Week", you may be unsurprised to learn, cancelled the strip before the end of its storyline. I mean, I really love Jason Shiga's willingness to experiment, but I think even arty ol' me could have predicted that this strip wouldn't end up beloved by his editors or the reading public in general.

Anyway, the complete strip is online now, if you want to check it out. Not as good as "Meanwhile", but certainly interesting.

(Via Incoming Signals.)

Posted by Francis at 06:41 AM

I'm surprised that the strip lasted past #11.

Posted by: ugarte at July 16, 2004 08:07 AM