April 15, 2004


John Scalzi (a fellow contributor to the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series) has posted a series of digital pictures taken by his five-year-old daughter.

Now that she's played with the digital camera, she want to keep playing with it, and I'm inclined to let her do it. It's cheap entertainment for her -- it's not like we have film costs, after all -- and for us, her parents, it's a neat way to get a look at her world and her angle on life. Also, she won't be five forever -- she won't have this viewpoint forever. Anyone who's been here knows that I certainly take enough pictures of my daughter that I won't forget what she's like at this age. But it might be fun for her to have her own photographic record of this time in her life, to keep that connection with her younger self.

An interesting idea. I've always been crappy at keeping a diary. (Maybe it's because with a diary, unlike a blog -- hopefully -- I was going to be the only one reading it; I've always been kind of an attention junkie.) But a digital camera -- I might've been able to get into that as a kid.

Posted by Francis at 06:00 AM