April 15, 2004

No one told me that when I grew up, the fact that I knew Elvis Costello was credited as "The Little Hands of Concrete" on the album "King of America" would do me no good whatsoever

Now that Elvis Costello has gotten hitched, does that mean completists like me are going to have to start buying Diana Krall CDs? Over half the new album is Elvis-related. (Five lyrical collaboration, one lyrics and music, and a cover of "Almost Blue".) And Allmusic is ga-ga over it. (Although they gave the tedious North four stars, so perhaps I can discount their opinion.) Sigh. The quandaries of an acquisition-driven cheapskate. The universe can feel free to drop a music reviewing job in my lap any time it wants to, so the free CDs can start arriving.

Posted by Francis at 06:16 AM