March 19, 2004

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck

Boing Boing has updates on the Sandra Tsing Loh affair (and other stuff about the Fucking Communications Commission). If someone wants the short version of the aftermath of Loh's firing over an unbleeped "fuck", go here and be appalled at statements like this:

"When I made the decision to cancel 'The Loh Life,' I was not in possession of all the facts regarding this unfortunate incident, specifically that it had been Sandra's practice to leave instructions for her engineer to bleep out certain words, and that this practice had never before gone awry," said [KCRW general manager Ruth] Seymour.

God forbid someone should get all the facts before they fire someone! I agree entirely with Sandra's decision not to accept their offer to hire her back; how could you possibly work for someone who had been such a jerk to you?

Also in FCC news, Eric Berlin points out that if Howard Stern is obscene, then Oprah is too.

Posted by Francis at 03:23 PM