February 10, 2004

John Flansburgh: big liar

I am, naturally, very excited about the upcoming They Might Be Giants EP, "Indestructible Object", on its way in April, and more so about the new album to follow. Based on the new songs Rose and I heard them preview at Joe's Pub last month, it's going to be terrific. But when I saw the track list for the EP:

01 Am I Awake?
02 Memo To Human Resources
03 Au Contraire
04 Art
05 Caroline, No [Beach Boys]

...I recalled what John Flansburgh said when he introduced "Caroline, No" in concert (paraphrased): "We have not recorded this song, because we do not need to, as it already appears on a Beach Boys album that has sold a billion copies." He then went on to detail the fictional TMBG/Beach Boys rivalry in which members of each band mock the other band for the number of times they've been married (Mike Love: "Those guys are still on their first wives? Ha!"), but that's beside the point. I have been lied to! For penance, I would like them to record a funk-polka version of Rush's "The Spirit of Radio" with a seven-piece horn section.

I'm waiting.

Posted by Francis at 09:50 AM