February 19, 2004

(Come up with something funny for the header. And not something lame and self-referential.)

You know how you still have the theme to "The Jeffersons" taking up space in your head, but you've already forgotten the name of that person you were introduced to yesterday? Well, I wrote a song about that. (And a darn catchy one, if I do say so myself.) It's called "Tell My Brain".

Posted by Francis at 05:16 AM

That guitar riff under the chorus is *HOT*, yo.

I almost wish your vocals were a little louder in the balance so I could make out the words better. Do you record your voice and guitar separately (like a sane person would) or at the same time (like I do)?

Posted by: Dan at February 19, 2004 12:34 PM

Thanks! This song is the most successful iteration thus far of my current favored songwriting technique: use some alternate tuning I've never used before; screw around until I accidentally come up with a few catchy riffs; put them together.

As for recording vocals, I generally record them separately, because it's hard enough to get a single guitar or vocal take where I don't screw something up. I often have a problem mixing my voice too low because I'm vaguely self-conscious about my singing voice and I don't like feeling like the vocals are overpowering the mix. Of course, my ability to make out lyrics is better than everyone else's, since I already know them pretty well. I'll type up the lyrics and post them momentarily.

Posted by: Francis at February 19, 2004 01:41 PM

Tell My Brain

I still remember the names
Of sitcom co-stars from 1979
And I bet you're the same
With actually important things that you can't call to mind

Tell my brain I don't need that anymore
Tell my brain there's some other things to know
Tell my brain that it's time to pay attention
And tell my brain that other thing I wanted to mention

I can spend at least eight hours
On any adventure game Infocom ever made
But it's not in my power
To spend half that long on anything when I'm getting paid

Tell my brain not to be so damn distracted
Tell my brain to feel free to be effective
Tell my brain it could do a little better
And tell my brain to get its act together

Tell me your name and you'll be telling me again
Tell me a time and I won't remember when
Write me a note and I will lose it in a pile
Write it on my face and I won't look in the mirror for a while

I still remember the names
Of every Doctor Who companion from the Tom Baker years
And I know that it's lame
But I can't control what goes on in the space between my ears

Tell my brain I don't want to offend it
But tell my brain that I want things comprehended
Tell my brain that it should do my bidding
And tell my brain that I'm not kidding

Posted by: Francis at February 19, 2004 01:48 PM