February 18, 2004

We love the randomness

I don't watch all that much TV -- or, at least, not without having videotaped it or bought it on DVD -- so I miss a lot of commercials. This is usually a perfectly acceptable arrangement, but I'm glad my friend Tom pointed out the latest Quizno's ads to me, because they are cray-zee. If you haven't seen them either, here's one, and here's the other.

(The second ad refers to a promotion at Quizno's where you can bring in a coupon -- any coupon, for anything -- for a dollar off a sub. They have a page on their site where you can print coupons for "$.05 off your next pack of gum" and "Buy one pencil, get two for free", for instance. Amusingly, the applet also tantalizes by making you think you're going to get a coupon featuring a scantily clad woman on it before you get a coupon for a discount on a toupee trim, say.)

Anyway, so you're probably wondering -- what's the deal with these furry singing thingamawhoosies? Fortunately, Drew's Blog-o-Rama has done the legwork for us already. They're the brainspawn of this guy, and originally appeared in a very similar but longer flash animation called "We Like the Moon". There's enough on his site to keep you busy for a while, so if you were here hoping to be distracted, I trust I have done my duty.

Posted by Francis at 05:07 PM