December 17, 2003


So Time Out New York may not have deigned to review my musical, but they love me at Time Out London. You see, I've been writing a monthly puzzle for a new magazine, Zembla, available in the UK -- and, theoretically, at some of the more highfalutin' US newsstands, though I haven't checked. The puzzle is one I unsuccessfully pitched to various venues, including Playboy, to wit: the Crassword, which was favorably mentioned in Time Out London's review of the magazine.

"Delightfully obscene"! Now, why couldn't the reviewer (not the one from Time Out, a different one) who came to "We're All Dead" but left at intermission because he was depressed that we were squandering our talents on a musical with so much profanity in it have had that kind of attitude?

Posted by Francis at 02:15 AM