December 17, 2003

Think of me as your personal shopper

In my ongoing role as a freelance cultural arbiter, I'd like to take a moment to direct your attention to one of the most amazing modern classical vocal groups around, Toby Twining Music. I was worried they had vanished off the planet after their astonishing debut album, "Shaman", appeared in 1994, but apparently they did finally put out a new CD last June.

But maybe you don't want to lay out $15+postage on spec for some crazy experimental a cappella music. Maybe those MP3 samples have you curious but not convinced. Well, you should quit your shilly-shallying, because you can buy their out-of-print debut right here for two bucks. That's where I got my replacement copy when my cassette got chewed up. It is a fairly hard-to-find title, which makes it surprising that they have nine copies on hand...until you realize that they have misfiled it in their system, swapping the artist name and album title in their search database. So even if anyone is searching for it there, odds are they're not finding it. Well, their loss is your gain.

Posted by Francis at 06:45 AM