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August 04, 2007

I like the way you smile when you're having fun

Had a lovely NYC moment last night.

I was in a happy mood after leaving work, waiting on a phone call and walking down Sixth Avenue looking for a snack. Saw the Mr. Softie truck and felt that a vanilla soft-serve with rainbow sprinkles would fit the bill. Ordered, and was beaming up bright-eyed at the young man in the truck, who suddenly said, as he handed me my cone, "Your hair is beautiful!"

"Thank you!"

"Are you in love?"

"Umm...I suppose I am! Yes!"

"Ohhh. He's a lucky guy. What's your name"

"I'm Rose. Why did you ask me if I'm in love?"

"Hi, I'm Danny. I asked because I am looking for someone to love. Rose, that's my sister's name. [brief pause while he smiled down at me] Whoever you love is a very lucky man. You have a good night!"

Just before that, as I was walking, there were three guys who *seemed to think* that they were having a discreet conversation. ABOUT DOPE. "Hey, it's 25 bucks a gram, you gonna pay it or not?" (The reason I say they seemed to think no one knew what they were discussing is that they kept using body language that implied secrecy and quiet -- while shouting in broad New York-ish accents about something sold in GRAMS. BWA-HA-HA.)

God I love New York. Of course, at the moment I love everything and everyone in the universe, so New York is but a tiny percentage of what I love.

Am at Tori's, hanging out and knitting at poolside, drinking frozen drinks and chattering with all her boys. It's time to get back in the pool, I'd say. Bye now.

Posted by Rose at August 4, 2007 04:10 PM


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