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August 02, 2007

When I get that funny feeling, I know I'm in trouble again

Ganked from Spiderwords, another lovely poem by Neil Gaiman. Between this and his story "How to Talk to Girls at Parties," I'm enormously touched by his sense of wonder about women and sex.

Neil Gaiman

I am continually disappointed by nudity
decently covered breasts could look like anything when revealed,
the nipples might be eyes or snake heads or flowers glowing gold,
they might be anything, but never are.
And as for the rest of it, the whole between-the-legs business,
when I was a boy, and simply wondered about women, why back then
it was the mystery of mysteries,
and now, grown up
I still think,
I wonder what she keeps hidden, down there, beneath that cloth,
imagining miracles and mysteries and dreams
conjuring secret mouths and lips that smile and sing
craving petals, tentacles and stars,
desiring the unimaginable.

The reality of nakedness
makes me mutter Jesus Christ with delight and awe as well, of course,
but still, the revelation is in its way prosaic.
Just another gentle biped with bumps and flesh and cleft and hair,
always looking just
a little bit more awkward and less interesting
than when she wore clothes.

Posted by Rose at August 2, 2007 12:36 PM


I can't remember where I heard it, but some script somewhere described a naked man as looking like "an undecorated christmas tree."

'nads are funny looking.

Posted by: Dianna at August 13, 2007 05:01 PM

Wow, I didn't realize he wrote poetry as well. *yay, a new thing!*

Posted by: Ana at August 24, 2007 10:52 PM

I had no idea he was publishing poetry but I love this one. I've gotta say, your blog is never boring..and it's often wonderful. Thank you for being Rose; it's so much more interesting than being me.

Posted by: hyphen8 at September 29, 2007 04:35 AM

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