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September 26, 2006

Now I am the richest man, 'cause all I have are these empty hands

I was already planning to use that line from Kid Beyond's "Deep Inside" for a blog post, since it's a Buddhist break-up song, and is completely awesome both as a song and a representative of a very tiny genre.

But it's literally meaningful in addition to just being metaphorically meaningful today, unfortunately. It's certainly true that I'm getting a lot of peace and resolution around my relationship woes by learning to really, truly, LET GO.

However, I didn't mean to let go of quite so much of my material goods just yet.



I've put up flyers, and I think I know where I lost it, so I'm hoping some neighborhood person will find it. But there's all the stuff that'll need replacing, plus about $80 in cash, plus a bunch of business cards and membership cards, and it's all just rotten.

I was just reading about how a moment's inattention can cause us great grief.

I didn't need this much wisdom all in one week.

[Edited to add: The MTA will actually refund a prorated amount of an unlimited Metrocard bought with a credit card. So that's part of my loss allayed. I hadn't put my new bankcard in my wallet yet, and Francis just ordered us new credit cards, since our old ones had expired, so there shouldn't be any monetary loss besides the cash. It's just a bunch of irritation, getting a new driver's license and Social Security card. Grr.]

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