August 05, 2009

Me and Randy

Randy Cohen, aka the Ethicist, that is. I'm the guest voice on this week's (July 31) edition of the Ethicist podcast, which fact I have neglected to post until said week is almost over, but anyway -- go here for a streaming version, or right-click here to download it, if time has passed and you missed it, or you just want a copy for posterity, for the alternate future in which I am a voice-over celebrity (first order of business: redub every Droopy Dawg cartoon to make his voice more pleasant).

Posted by Francis at 05:04 PM

Yeah, after two albums, I suppose the Raconteurs were growing stale. They were wise to pick you up. Can't wait for the next album!

Posted by: Peyton at August 5, 2009 10:37 PM
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