June 21, 2007

Usually "time out" means to stop playing

Sorry this blog has temporarily turned into the place where I tell you where my latest puzzle has been published, but anyway, I have a logic puzzle (in honor of Gay Pride week) in the current issue of Time Out New York. It's on page 18, but you can solve it online here. A bunch of other people I know (including my pals John Chaneski, Brendan Quigley, and David Dickerson) contributed as well; check out the whole puzzle array here.

As for other magazines: I've been passing this ad for Alternative Press on the way to work every day for a while now, and it irritates me with its pretentiousness every time:


For some reason, I can only hear the sentence "Our heads are so full of madness!" in a thick Mike Myers-style Scottish accent. I mean, seriously, dudes, you are just a bunch of guys in a band. You are not prophets from the dark core of the human psyche or whatever the heck you think you are. (I allow for the possibility that the quote was taken out of context by the magazine and made to seem more pretentious than it actually was. But this seems unlikely.)

Finally, I hope you didn't miss this cover article in the New York Post (not strictly a magazine, but shaped like one). "Piece in the Mideast"! Classy! Thank goodness we have conservative venues like this to provide a counterpoint to the oversexed liberal media that control our airwaves.

Posted by Francis at 12:54 AM

I didn't read the post carefully enough to note which puzzle was yours. But I went there and was casually scanning, and then I hit the logic puzzle and said, "Oh, OK, Francis." Go figure.

Posted by: Lance at June 21, 2007 11:33 AM

Oh, I didn't even notice they'd left off the bylines in the web version. Weird. Well, the photo puzzle is by John Chaneski, David Dickerson did the word search and the sudoku, Brendan did the crossword, and it's a Cox & Rathvon cryptic.

Posted by: Francis at June 21, 2007 12:02 PM

The quote was indeed taken out of context, and being in all-caps makes it very misleading. They actually said "Our heads are so full of Madness!", explaining the obvious influence of 80's featherweight ska on their work.

Posted by: Rubrick at June 21, 2007 04:19 PM
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