June 18, 2007

Stuff I don't understand, volume eighty-jillion

Congress passes a bill that would set a timetable to end the war. The president vetoes it. Congress gets blamed.

The thing I'd like polls about "satisfaction with Congress" to show is what exactly people don't like about Congress. For instance, I myself am pretty dissatisfied with Congress -- but the thing I'm dissatisfied about is that Republicans would rather support a president even many of them disagree with than GOD FORBID vote with the Democrats to override a veto.

Posted by Francis at 02:38 PM

These days I'm more angry with the Senate than with the House. How am I angry with the Senate? Let me count the ways. I'm angry with the backroom "Grand Bargain" on the immigration bill. I'm angry with the sellout of border security. I'm angry with the obsession with giving instant citizenship to illegal aliens, no matter what crimes they've committed. I'm angry with the obsession with giving instant citizenship to illegal aliens, even if they are from countries with terrorist networks. I'm angry with Senator Trent Lott saying that talk radio has to be "dealt with." Are bloggers next?

Posted by: Douglas at June 19, 2007 12:33 PM

Sounds like many of the ways you're angry with the Senate are all slightly different facets of the same way of being angry with the Senate. Is anyone really saying that illegal immigrants who've committed crimes should automatically be given citizenship (not counting immigrating here illegally in the first place, which is, after all, the thing they want to create amnesty for)?

Posted by: Francis at June 19, 2007 12:47 PM
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