February 22, 2007

Oh, grow some stones, why don't you

If you don't read For Better or For Worse or the Comics Curmudgeon, you'll have missed the whole tedious plot where Michael wrote a book which was accepted by the first publisher he sent it to (unsolicited, without an agent). And you'll certainly have missed this list of self-parodied-for-your-convenience potential titles for that book.

Posted by Francis at 09:40 AM

And thank god the soddy was able to save it from the fiery furnace. Given the speed with which it was acclaimed, I've got to go with "Britney's Coochie."

What, that's not one of the choices? And neither is "A Million Suppurating Pustules?"

Posted by: RichM at February 22, 2007 12:53 PM

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