June 27, 2005

Taking out the outtakes

Alas, there will be no Six Things today -- I've been buried under a constantly renewing pile of copyediting since 10:00 this morning, so, no time to draw, and I have no energy for starting the cartoon after I finish reading this next article I have to read, what with the only having gotten three hours of sleep last night. However, I do have a consolation cartoon, namely the unused panel from the "things ghosts find embarrassing" cartoon.


Posted by Francis at 08:38 PM

Ghosts are wise.

It's a shame we don't listen to our ouija boards more often. But then again, I would be in jail for killing that hitchhiker last August.

Silly ghosts, trying to put one over on me.

Posted by: Tom at June 28, 2005 01:11 PM

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