May 31, 2005

So much funny for not much money

If you've got nothing going on this evening, you should come see Wizard People, Dear Reader, the hi-frickin'-larious reimagined narration of the first Harry Potter movie. And if you do have something going on this evening, you should cancel it and come see the movie instead. Say hello if you see me; I'll be the one obsessively trying to make my ear pop. It's $5 at Southpaw in Park Slope, and you can pick up a copy of Stay Free! while you're there.

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Speaking of Stay Free!, I saw a copy of the issue with your flash mob piece at Wild Oats supermarket in (I think) Medford, Massachusetts this weekend. It was well-placed in the check-out counter. Couldn't miss it.

Posted by: jason at June 1, 2005 12:15 AM

I tried to find you after the show last night, but you had already left. I was one who was laughing really loud the whole time. Oh wait, that was everybody.

I quite enjoyed your crossword puzzle. As a math guy, 65 across really made me chuckle. I've always been impressed that anyone could ever actually make a crossword, what with the overlapping words and symmetry and all. So the fact that there's a new one in the paper every day seems near-miraculous to me. Just curious, how long did it take you to make the crossword, and is it your first one?

Posted by: John at June 1, 2005 01:00 PM

Sorry I missed you -- Rose and I had neglected to, oh, *eat anything* before the movie, so we dashed out pretty quickly to forage for food. (We ended up at the 24-hour bagel place.)

Glad you liked the crossword. It's far from my first -- I've been writing puzzles since, like, 1993 or so, and was Editor at Large for Games magazine for several years. The one in Stay Free! took me a few hours to fill (once I had the theme entries laid out) and a couple hours to write the clues for. It was fun to do since Stay Free! is not a traditional puzzle venue, so I got to write loopier clues than most puzzle editors would let me get away with.

Posted by: Francis at June 1, 2005 01:13 PM

Hey! Is Stay Free available at many bookstores? If not, is the puzzle online somewhere? If not, can you bring some copies to LA?

Posted by: Jangler at June 1, 2005 08:02 PM

Sounds fun. I wish Boston was cool. *resumes game of Snood*

Posted by: Mary at June 2, 2005 10:21 AM

Stay Free is available in the indie book stores across the US and Canada, and in Tower and Borders. Or you can buy it online at

Posted by: Carrie McLaren at June 4, 2005 07:37 PM
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