May 19, 2005

A little touch of Harry in the afternoon

If you're following this whole filibuster mishegas with as much interest as I am, you may enjoy reading Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's floor statement.

Speaking to fellow Republicans on Tuesday night, he said that the Senate "has a duty to promptly consider each...nominee on the Senate floor, discuss and debate their qualifications, and then give them the up or down vote they deserve."

Duty to whom?  The radical right wing of the Republican Party who see within their reach the destruction of America's mainstream values?

Good stuff.

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Makes me proud of Nevada (for a change) even though Harry is a pro-lifer, he is still okay in my book.

We saw him recently while shopping and told him we loved him! He is a very sweet and gracious guy. I also have had the pleasure of hearing him speak at a few rallies (Clinton, Kerry and Edwards) and he was so right on.

Go Harry!

Posted by: samalee at May 19, 2005 05:48 PM
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