January 06, 2005

Check it out

I just wrote my first check of the year last night, and I didn't even have a moment of accidentally starting to write "2004" and hastily correcting myself before writing "2005". I believe this is an unforeseen benefit of working at a magazine: At Cargo, we're already working on the April 2005 issue. As far as Conde Nast is concerned, it's been 2005 for months.

Posted by Francis at 02:02 PM | TrackBack

That's freaky - I had the same thought when I wrote my first check on Sunday. The first time I've ever not written the wrong year. What are we, growing up or something?

Posted by: Ken/Cazique at January 6, 2005 03:20 PM

You people still write checks?

Posted by: Eric Berlin at January 6, 2005 04:05 PM

Same here. Maybe it's just easier to remember a year ending in a five. (And ususally I'm well into February before I get it right.)

Posted by: Toonhead! at January 7, 2005 10:24 AM

Did you get tired of Christmas in September?

Posted by: Eileen at January 8, 2005 07:50 AM

The holiday issue was not so holiday-esque (mostly it focused on gift ideas, which is not so different from Cargo's usual array of product reviews). So it didn't really speed my holiday fatigue, which generally sets in pretty much the first time I am forced to hear "Deck the Halls".

Posted by: Francis at January 8, 2005 09:49 AM

Oh I just went through my pile of mail for the week and there's a green envlope with a "charter invitation" to get "The New Magazine That Gets You What You Want." And I get a Messenger Bag too if I subscribe. Hmmmmm....

Posted by: Toonhead! at January 8, 2005 10:35 PM