January 05, 2005

Human misbehavior

I feel I must report on two instances of poor life etiquette from my morning commute.

You will recall my dislike of people who spread out their belongings on adjacent seats. This morning, I saw a woman who had placed her wet umbrella on the seat next to her. Another woman wanted the seat, and looked leerily at the water left behind after the first woman moved the umbrella. The first woman then lamely brushed the water away with her hand. Classy.

Later, my train developed random sluggishness. between Broadway-Lafayette and West 4th, and we were passed by an express train; that train was juuuuust starting to pull out of West 4th when my train pulled in. Our conductor says, "Next stop, 14th Street," the doors close...aaaand then we don't move. We sit there for a minute or so. Meanwhile, another express train pulls in across the platform. Our doors do not open. We continue sitting there. People have gotten off the other train and want to get on ours. Many of us would like to get off our train and get onto the express. Nothing. Time passes. Finally, our conductor notices the world around him and our doors open -- just as the other train is closing its doors. Brilliant.

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Rain always brings out the best in MTA riders. My favorite from this morning is the guy on the not-very crowded N train who still managed to hold his umbrella so that it dripped down my leg.

Posted by: katre at January 5, 2005 12:59 PM