December 06, 2004

Blog fully back to normal (mostly)

Being lazy, I put off dealing with a number of blogkeeping issues that cropped up after we changed providers -- you know, images were broken, individual archive pages had all been renumbered, all sorts of things. Well, the image archive has been re-uploaded (so you can view roller derby and the mermaid parade in all their glory), although despite my best efforts, I could not get the archives back to their original numbering. (Like, my adaptation of Pericles used to be at this URL, but it got renumbered to this when we reinstalled Movable Type -- which is a problem because so many pages are linked to the original address.) Ah well. I did, however, finally deal with my underupdated MP3 menu; there are only three songs in it at the moment, but they are all actually downloadable, and they are accompanied by links to the blog entries in which they were originally posted. And a few other fiddly little things.

Why the sudden burst of tidiness? It's simple. My book mentions my website, so, with luck, there will be new readers along at some point. It's just like when I throw a party -- if I know people are coming over, I'll actually clean up.

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And, of course, now that your publisher has a placeholder, how long can it be before they actually link to you?


Posted by: Vardibidian at December 6, 2004 12:45 PM