June 22, 2004

As promised, here is your roller derby report

Earlier this month, Todd Seavey invited me to attend the debut of Lefty Leibowitz's roller derby league. (They don't have teams yet -- women competed as individuals at the races I attended -- but they're recruiting.)

As I arrived in the parking lot under the BQE where the races were being held, Lefty was delivering pre-game commentary with a megaphone (incomprehensible in the echoey, filled-with-the-noise-of-cars-driving-overhead space). Lefty is one of the founding members of the Jinx Society; his cohort, LB Deyo, was in town from Austin, and although he'd had no hand in planning the roller derby, he had been pressed into service as a referee. At least, he wore a referee shirt. (In practice, rather than refereeing, he and Todd ended up at the far end of the impromptu track, preventing cars from running into the racers.) Lefty wore the traditional Jinx uniform, a suit.


Before the races began, we received a program with various facts about the competitors, to help us with placing our bets. (I did not bet, as I prefer to lose my money by accruing late fees on my cable bill.) Margaret Thrasher's occupation was "Prime Minister of Your Demise". Rosie Knuckles claimed to be "faster than a teenage boy on prom night". The Little Red Terror's turn-ons included "lapses in judgment" and "anything sparkly". Sybil Disobedience listed her occupation as "coquette".

For a race-by-race recap of the action, check out the New York Press report here. However, note that when he refers to the "zebra-striped referee" overturning the result of the first race, he is making shit up, because LB was way on the other side of the track for all that drama. Or maybe there was another referee. Hell if I know; I was more interested in watching girls skate. For anyone else similarly interested in watching girls skate, here is a little Gotham Girls Roller Derby photo album for you.

A pre-race conference. I'd say the racers were threatening and insulting each other, but honestly they look a little too cheerful for that. I guess they save their anger for the track. Smarty Pants was not a racer; she helped officiate and clean off the track between races.

Scenes from the second qualifying race.



Margaret Thrasher, Little Red Terror, and Rosie Knuckles line up for the final race.

Little Red gets off to an early lead, but later trips and falls behind.

The last lap. Margaret Thrasher has the lead, and eventually wins comfortably. Little Red can be seen recovering from a fall in the background.

Margaret Thrasher in her winner's regalia.

The Gotham Girls pose, imagining that the camera is a man who did them wrong.

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