August 25, 2004

Playlists of the Rich and Famous

As someone who has been making mix tapes and/or CDs for, oh, at least 15 years with no signs of slowing down (indeed, I think the rate has increased significantly in the past couple years, although I'm really not on par to match my 2003 output this year), I find that learning someone is a fellow longtime mix maker is a pretty good indication that, hey!, here is a person I will enjoy knowing.

I mean, sure, whether or not that person and I share a significant overlap in musical tastes is important, but generally anyone I run into in my social circles probably has not-too-mainstream tastes. Of course, I don't run into too many celebrities.

(In case I am ever famous someday and readers of the future wish to peruse my own playlists, here is where to find them.)

(Via Coudal Partners.)

Posted by Francis at 07:31 PM