May 22, 2004

For full Holmesian immersiveness, shoot up with heroin right before you play

I'm in Boston at the moment, where Cally has put me onto a game that is potentially very addictive, and one which I will therefore put off downloading for a while, because I got deadlines. But if you don't have such concerns, and you like logic puzzles, you may wish to consider giving Sherlock a try.

Posted by Francis at 02:40 AM

For you nice people with PalmOS PDAs, here's Hercule, which to my mind is even better because it is more abstract, and in some ways better designed.

Hercule is still compelling and I still play it occasionally, but like Sherlock, on which it is closely based, you will find that once you get the feel of it you can run through a board, almost by rote, very very fast. My record for solving a Hercule board (it tracks times) is two and a half minutes; my average these days is about four minutes.

Posted by: Columbine at May 22, 2004 12:27 PM

Thanks for the link. Sherlock is addictive, definitely. (I think of it as a variation on Honeycomb Hotel with squares and no linking spaces together.) I know Everett's had some of these games featured in Games Magazine, which may look a little busy visually, but are still fun.

Posted by: Maelstrom at May 22, 2004 06:06 PM

pooh. doesn't look mac-friendly. pooh again.

Posted by: gotcha at May 22, 2004 06:39 PM

I *will* wait to download that until after I take my qualifying exam on Tuesday. I will.

Posted by: Erika at May 22, 2004 08:51 PM