May 11, 2004

Everybody who's ever been in the joint knows you don't want to drop the cat

Just when you think you've seen pretty much every possible video game mechanic, someone comes along with something like this: a game where you grab gems while balancing a cat on a stick...hovering above the ocean...while trying to avoid electrified barbed wire a bird tries to drop eggs on your cat. Really, though, it's the cat on a stick thing that sets it apart.

Not a great game by any stretch, and certainly too frustrating to be especially addictive...but interesting. Definitely interesting.

(Via Little Fluffy.)

Posted by Francis at 12:57 PM

(forgive my presumptousness but i just tracked you down--)

today's amazing extra-credit challenge, guaranteeing successful entries a place at the poet's table in heaven, is to make a title out of an anagram of a poet's name, then write a poem about it in the style of said poet.

as did my new love, frances hearney (herewit presented without permission, but with total idolization, and a valentine if i can find his address):
Ah, SOB (Basho)

A yellow snake eats
The robin's lone precious egg—
You motherfucker
I Will Alarm Islamic Owls
by William Carlos Williams

I will be alarming
the Islamic owls
that are in
the barn

and which
you warned me
are very jittery
and susceptible to loud noises

Forgive me
they see so well in the dark
so feathery
and so dedicated to Allah

is he genius, or is he genius?

the poetrix

Posted by: flo at May 11, 2004 07:44 PM