May 10, 2004

This Might Be Helpful all the people coming to my blog via Google searches about They Might Be Giants' upcoming album "The Spine": a full track listing has been posted, apparently leaked by "a reliable source". I'm looking forward (hell, I'm looking fast-forward) to having copies of "Experimental Film", "It's Kickin' In" and "Stalk of Wheat" that I can listen to at my convenience. I'm a little sad to see that "No Plan B" and "Renew My Subscription" didn't make the cut, but maybe they'll show up on the companion EP. And I used to not be such a big fan of "Museum of Idiots", but it finally came together for me at the last Joe's Pub concert, so I guess I've seen the light on that one.

Download a remix of "Am I Awake" (original version on "Indestructible Object") and a live version of "Museum of Idiots" here (after you read through their downloading policy).

Posted by Francis at 04:45 AM