May 07, 2004

Found and found

This past weekend I went to the book release party for Found, a book that collects items previously seen in Found magazine, which in turn consists of, as you might expect, found objects. One might even call it an aptly titled book.

Anyway, the day of the party, I happened across a wealth of found objects myself. Perhaps the upcoming event made me more aware than usual of things on the ground; I don't know. But now I can share my bounty with you.

I found this first item just after leaving the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's cherry blossom festival, right at the entrance to Prospect Park. One of the events was a haiku reading, so it's possible this was one of the haikus that was read, or one written by someone attending the event. Or maybe it was just a haiku that fell on the ground -- who can say?


As I was walking home from the garden through the park, I ran across this item, a girl's kneepad with Disney characters on it. Or, rather, crude unlicensed attempts to reproduce Disney characters, protected by a see-through plastic shell.


Later, on my way to the subway as I was heading to the party, I found this card, which I must confess is not all that funny:


The thing that amuses me is that this extremely prosaic note was written inside a Monet greeting card, instead of just dashed off on a scrap of paper. I like the formality of that.


So the party was fine, although given that it was on a boat, and all the attendees were then stuck on that boat for two hours, I would have made an effort to have snacks available on the boat. Anyway, two days later, I found this note, which I will leave you with.


Posted by Francis at 05:29 PM