May 07, 2004

Scavengers on the loose

I want in on this. It sounds sort of like a Mystery Hunt, except only the really goofy parts (which are generally the highlights). Want to read more? Here are some articles about last year's event.

Posted by Francis at 04:50 PM

I've been here four years now and never bothered to do much more than be vaguely aware of this. It still looks more like performance art than anything else, to me. I do like these two items from this year's Hunt list:

82. Those folks wasting away on the Bush/Cheney 2004 blog say that critics of the PATRIOT Act lack patriotism. Sounds to me like they could really use a refresher on the Constitution. The Constitution has a whole lotta patriotism. I
wonder if Bush’s server could support all that patriotism. No, I’m sure Bush’s server could not support all that patriotism. [25 points. No DOS or the DOJ’ll be on our ass]

213. With the impending culmination of the Buffy-Angel saga, Joss Whedon’s proposed ending to the Buffy/Angel/Spike love triangle leaves us feeling like a vampire with an implant in his brain that doesn’t allow him to harm humans — unfulfilled. Justice must be done to this seminal TV series. Bring back the slayer, and no commercials. [39 points. 2 bonus points if Giles finally hooks up with that coffee-guzzling neighbor. 3 bonus points for splicing in some dancing Angel]

Posted by: Scott at May 8, 2004 04:51 PM