May 04, 2004

Words, words, words

Two items from Boing Boing that will be of interest to fellow word geeks:

Someone wrote a script to produce lists of words that are spelled using the same numbers on a telephone keypad, to see how irritating it could potentially be to use a predictive text program which attempts to guess what word you're typing on your cellphone. It gives me an idea for a puzzle type -- the telephonym, two phrases that can both be spelled with the same numbers on a telephone, but in which the two phrases never have the same letter at the same position.

Meanwhile, over here, we have an archive of bad Scrabble racks which aggravated the people who drew them so much that they felt a need to photograph them. (It's unclear how many submitters there are; at least two.)

Posted by Francis at 12:40 PM

Don't mind me; I'm just waiting for Trip to comment here.

Posted by: David. at May 4, 2004 02:16 PM

Regarding bad scrabble hand 10:

It's his/her own damn fault for not keeping the D.

Posted by: Dan at May 4, 2004 11:32 PM

Well, if I'm *expected* to comment...

The only thing I have to say, really, is that it's not exactly a coincidence that they got 3 or 4 crummy racks in a row, when it's clear that instead of exchanging on any of those turns, they played off two tiles and kept EEIIU or some such each time. Dumb play.

Posted by: Trip at May 4, 2004 11:39 PM