May 04, 2004

Get Krafty

Kraftwerk, like so many musical acts nowadays, is planning a massive reissue series. My reaction to news like that is generally determined by two factors: (a) Is this a band which I need to own every last bit of material by (and there are quite a few of those, believe me)?, and (b) have I already bought all their freaking albums on CD?

So I'm okay with the Cure's reissues, for instance, because almost all the Cure I own is on cassette, from way back in my high school and college years, when I didn't own a CD player. The Elvis Costello reissues I'm a little irritated by, but I'm sucking it up. But how about Kraftwerk? Well, I don't own any of their albums on CD...but that's because I'm not actually all that interested in Kraftwerk.

Oh, it's shameful, I know. Of course they're very influential. And I do like their "Radio-Activity" album, so I'll probably buy that when it comes along. But I'm pretty much always more willing to listen to a band influenced by Kraftwerk than Kraftwerk themselves. So perhaps I'll spend my money on this collection of Kraftwerk cover songs performed by a salsa band instead.

Posted by Francis at 05:03 AM