April 29, 2004

Sense of adventure

If you're a Strong Bad fan, but not one who always remembers to click around on the final screen at the end of the animations, you may have missed Strong Bad's two Infocom-style parodies, Thy Dungeonman and Thy Dungeonman II. They're both solvable, but not saveable. This is not such a big deal in Thy Dungeonman, since it only consists of three rooms, but it causes some problems toward the end of Thy Dungeonman II when only a series of somewhat non-intuitive commands can save you from certain death and a need to start from the top. Read on if you want hints and stuff.

Here you go -- the secret commands that will finish off Thy Dungeonman II: When facing the dongrel, type "use sucker" to kill it. When Percy reappears, type "take off cloth".

Other things you can try (gleaned from various message boards):

In Thy Dungeonman, typing "get dagger" will get you 25 points (although there is no dagger).

In Thy Dungeonman II, there is an alternate way to kill the dongrel. After getting the picture of Percy from the placard, you can "use picture" on the dongrel. This will distract it, giving you time to pick up your broken mop handle and kill it with that by typing "kill dongrel" or "dongle". Either way, the game doesn't care.

For comedy, in Thy Dungeonman II, do not neglect to: kick the chamber pot; type "get ye flask" in the cell, and then type it two more times; type "Dennis"; try to take Ripberger's placard; look at David Bowie; after taking something, try taking it again; talk to Percy while holding your nose; when you first meet Percy, type "listen to Ratt"; try to talk to the rat without looking at his nametag first; clean stain on the dungeon wall with the mop; "read sign" in the infirmary; if you don't mind dying, talk to the healer in the infirmary; look at or try to take the vegetables in the kitchen (and look at the chef, too).

The commands "dance", "sniff" and "die" work in both games.

If you enjoyed those games, you may wish to check out the Videlectrix website.

Posted by Francis at 05:51 AM