April 17, 2004

And the Oscar for best adapted screenplay ever goes to...

I just spent a stomach-clutchingly funny evening watching "Wizard People, Dear Reader", which is, basically, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" with an unauthorized soundtrack. You turn off the sound on your TV and play the new soundtrack while the movie is running.

To put it as neutrally as possible, the new soundtrack consists of one guy describing what is happening onscreen. I know it seems implausible that this could possibly be funny for more than two minutes. Trust me when I say oh my god it is. It is much more compelling than the actual movie, which is too respectful by half. It has actually made me consider buying a copy of the Sorcerer's Stone DVD, which I previously had no interest in.

Anyway, download "Wizard People, Dear Reader" here, and burn copies of it for all your friends. Life is good, people.

Posted by Francis at 01:27 AM