April 05, 2004

Expensive new Radiohead import EP is hosed

I love it when musicians make it easy for me to be an obsessive completist. Belle and Sebastian, for instance, put out too many frickin' singles with otherwise unavailable tracks -- but at least those singles are easy to find, and actually get released in the US and shit. The Cure saved me from untold hours on Soulseek by releasing Join the Dots, their comprehensive collection of B-sides and rarities (which fell into my lap, you may recall). And Paul Weller...how I love Paul Weller. Box sets of practically every studio recording the Jam and the Style Council ever put out, plus a recent three-CD rarities collection of his recent solo career.

And then we have Radiohead.

(A pause while I go find Thom Yorke and slap him around.)

Radiohead has put out heaps of B-sides in the course of its career so far. Periodically they compile some of them...and you can find MP3s of many of them...but good luck tracking down all of them.

Anyway, Radiohead has made their discography fractionally more irritating still, by releasing a CD which collects all the "Hail to the Thief" b-sides...in Japan. And, even better, the CD has a digital glitch in the first track.

Posted by Francis at 02:25 PM